Complete ERP Software and Business Management Software Solutions

Whether your business needs basic accounting software or a fully customizable Global ERP system tomorrow, Lambert & Associates, PLLC can help. Our Traverse accounting software package is the most scalable, affordable ERP software on the market. Not only will you achieve your goals with greater efficiency, but you can invest in your business with new insights and save money with streamlined processes.

If your business needs change, Traverse can adapt to those needs. Traverse is real-world business software, built on input from thousands of businesses just like yours, which provides you with real-time data to make real smart decisions.

Whether you need accounting, distribution, manufacturing, not-for-profit, retail, or service industry solutions, Traverse ERP Software has been tailored to give you complete insight into all of your business processes. With Traverse you get total system integration across your company, while also integrating data with your mission-critical third-party applications or websites.


It’s your money, right? The financial core of your business is in good hands with Traverse Accounting Software Applications. Integration is standard, and all information feeds back to General Ledger for pain-free, real-time reporting. Get the pulse of your cash flow when it’s convenient for you, not at the end of some arbitrary period of time.

  • General Ledger — The core of your accounting system. Traverse Accounting Software is fully integrated, allowing entries and other pertinent information to seamlessly flow into ledger.
  • Accounts Payable — Prioritize vendor payments, control cash flow, and manage expenses easily and efficiently.
  • Accounts Receivable — Manage overall sales, outstanding invoices, collections, as well as assess sales trends and customer habits in real-time reporting and analysis.
  • Payroll — You have total flexibility in managing your employees while staying current with reporting requirements. In addition to printing checks and paying employees, you can easily maintain detailed records with clear audit trails, track paid time off, and keep up-to-date with tax law changes.
  • Banking — From vendor payments to payroll direct deposit, Traverse provides a variety of options to enhance your business operations, including Automatic Clearing House (ACH) payments to your vendors and from your customers, payment of invoices by credit card, Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) for printed checks, and fraud control and loss prevention features. 
  • Bank Reconciliation — Quickly and easily reconcile bank statements with Traverse's automatic processes that utilize the bank's electronic statement to generate monthly reconciliation.
  • Fixed Assets — Not only can you track valuation and depreciation of your current assets, Traverse also provides tools to help analyze the tax and cash-flow implications of assets BEFORE you purchase. This package also provides forecasting tools to evaluate leases, amortize loans, and experiment with depreciation strategies before making a commitment. 



Improve efficiency regardless of the size of your business with the help of Traverse's Distribution Software. This software helps you penetrate new markets, maintain customer loyalty, and improve your ability to serve your existing customers. With Distribution Software the Traverse ERP suite will help you make informed buying and selling decisions, improve customer service, save money, and ensure future profitability.

  • Easily manage inventory
  • Automatically produce bill of materials
  • Keep track of sales orders
  • Manage warehouse operations
  • Plan for business requirements


Keep track of every aspect of the manufacturing process with the Traverse integrated Manufacturing Software applications. Your operation will run smoothly by using a system to reduce costs, manage compliance mandates and quickly respond to customer requests. Our Manufacturing Software lets you make faster, more informed decision by giving you a complete overview of company operations in real time. With our Manufacturing ERP Software, you can.

  • Trace products or services forward and backward.
  • Reduce costs and increase margins.
  • Manage inventory across multiple locations.
  • Plan for personnel, equipment and supply requirements.
  • Integrate scales and other hardware.
  • Implement make-to-stock, assemble-to-order, make-to-order, or engineer-to-order options.
  • Easily manage regulatory and compliance reports.



You and your employees get real-time reports on your business performance. By collecting, organizing and sharing information with employees and customers, your business can increase productivity and efficiency. Some reporting features:

  • Interactive Views — Filter data, arrange rows and columns, chart results, and save reports quickly and easily.
  • Information Alerts — Let the system keep ahead of problems and emergencies. Get automatic notification on information essential to your business, helping you avoid emergencies.
  • Enhanced Payroll Tax Reporting — The interactive Traverse reporting tool provides more than 250 certified state and federal tax reports, saving you time and frustration. E-File options save even more.



Optional Add Ons

The Traverse ERP system comes with a variety of custom designed functions that can be easily added to your system. These added features are fully integrated with the Traverse system.


Project Costing

The Traverse Job Costing Software allows you to define the structure of the project and to make decisions about what type of project it is, how the project accounting levels will accrue income and costs, and how billing will be handled. Interactive views provide actual project-to-date income, cost, and gross profit information compared to estimates. Retrieve income, cost, billing, and write-up/down information on a month-to-date, year-to-date, and project-to-date basis.

With Job Costing Software you can also create projects that are speculative in nature and change them to billable projects later. A simple entry screen gives you the ability to enter estimates at the project or task level; it shows both the current estimates and the revised estimates.


Point Of Sale

The Traverse POS Software is a computerized retail management system that takes advantage of the latest touch-screen and scanning technologies, facilitating the rapid transaction processing necessary in a fast-paced retail environment. The system does not require a constant connection to the primary server and database, bringing you the stability and flexibility you need for high-volume business.

The software provides streamlined transaction entry (sales, returns, layaways, and quotes) and the ability to quickly find information through reporting and lookup functions. With POS Software you will be able to capture complete transaction details at the point of sale, and transaction history and real-time database records are stored indefinitely so your data is always available for reporting and analysis.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

With the Traverse Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software, you and your sales staff have complete control of your customer information whether you are at your desk or miles from the office.

With flexible access options, the software provides your team with the information they need when they need it. Integration with the other Traverse systems give you a wide range of access options to provide data security.


Work Order Processing

The Traverse Service Management Add On provides an easy-to-use system to track on-site or off-site work orders. Traverse Service Director is designed for a wide range of businesses inclusion installation, repair, maintenance service, manufacturing and construction. The software's powerful dispatching capabilities offer flexibility, quick entry and scheduling. Flexible customer invoicing for time and material is also available for single dispatch or a series. 

With real-time search and reporting capabilities, you can easily manage technicians, adjust schedules and serve customers promptly.



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