Lambert & Associates Payroll Services Make It Easy

We provide flexible payroll services that improve payroll management for large and small employers alike. We manage the time-consuming tasks of payroll processing, recordkeeping, employee payroll tax filing, and checking stock management so you can focus on your business.

Our Payroll Services help employers to ensure confidentiality of payroll information, reduce expenses, eliminate manual tasks, and allocate resources for other strategic activities. You can be confident that your data is safe and secure with Lambert & Associates Payroll Services.

Our payroll solutions ensure that your payroll needs are met on time, every time, helping you to streamline your payroll process, improve productivity and simplify administration. We know that no one solution is right for everyone so we offer Payroll Processing choices to fit your unique business.

Employee Payment Options

  •  Professionally printed checks 
  •  Direct deposit
  •  Combination of both

Wage Garnishment Service

  •  Perform complicated calculations of court-ordered garnishments
  •  Make payments to appropriate agencies
  •  Track changing legislation and rules that can affect compliance

Payroll Tax Management Services

  •  FUTA, SUTA, Payroll Taxes, 940 and 941
  •  Monthly and quarterly tax filing
  •  Respond to inquiries from tax agencies
  •  Manage payroll tax audits from our office
  •  Time-frame specific reports and information
  •  Prepare and submit returns and compliance reports
  •  Calculate and deposit payroll tax for federal, state and local jurisdictions
  •  Assistance managing your Workers Compensation Insurance Audit
  •  Monitor and update employee classifications using the the NCCI classification codes
  •  Ensure that you are paying a fair premium
  •  Workers Compensation time-frame-specific reports and information