SmartSearch Document Management

Whether you are a small business or a larger corporation, managing information and documents can be a challenge. For businesses who rely heavily on documents and information, a document management system is a necessity. Lambert & Associates PLLC, proudly partners with Square 9 software to provide a flexible, fully integrated system that can streamline your business operations and eliminate inefficient paper processes. Our software fully integrates with most accounting software, providing a seamless transition.



  • Easy, secure access to documents from anywhere
  • Simplified sharing of documents 
  • Eliminate paper filing 
  • Streamline your business operations
  • Automate business processes
  • Increase security and compliance

SmartSearch is an affordable, award-winning software system that can be adapted to any paper-intensive business operation. No matter the size of your operation or your field of expertise, SmartSearch can provide solutions that are easy to use, learn and support.

We Can Improve Business Operations

Fast Retrieval All business-related documents are stored in a central archives, making retrieval and search fast and easy.

Compliance You define access permissions to secure information and guarantee compliance

Reduced Paper By keeping documents electronically, you reduce paper and filing space in your office.

Streamline and Enforce Processes Make order processing, repair tickets, accounting and other processes run smoothly with our automation. Our system will ensure processes are followed.

Security and Auditing Give employees access to the documents they need and block the ones they don't. Protect sensitive information and see a full history of user access for auditing purposes.

Effective Collaboration Ensure each team member has access to the latest revisions. Share documents between co-workers, departments, and even clients in our outside the office. Our system easily tracks document access and changes. 

Mobility You and your staff can access the system regardless of location. Our web-based software allows users to access, edit and distribute documents using any mobile device phone, tablet or laptop.


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